Legal Notice

Legal notice is the first step to initiate a legal proceeding against a person. A legal notice will be sent to a person by the client who has legitimately dues over a person. It contains all the details on which the person default upon and will also mention a stipulated time period, within which he is ought to respond to that notice, failing which he can be tried either through civil or criminal proceedings. There are two possibilities or outcome of sending a legal notice. Either he will come for a settlement and will settle the legitimate dues, or he might choose to remain silent over the notice, which impliedly makes him admitted for the initiation of legal proceedings against him.

Vakil Gateway and the we take the utmost care in drafting of a legal notice as the ones which are left to be claimed in the notice, cannot be claimed at the later stage offering service in the following areas.

  • Divorce Notice
  • Eviction Notice
  • Recovery of Security Deposit Notice
  • Cheque Bounce Notice
  • Recovery of Dues Notice

Our aim is to help the poor members of the society who, due to financial adversity, would not otherwise be able to access such advice. The vast experience of our associates ensures that you get the right Legal Advice throughout India at the right time.

Send A Legal Notice