Legal opinion on properties

Prior to acquiring a property, it is important for the client to obtain an independent legal opinion on the designation to the property.

Obtaining property legal opinion or property title verification is a vital step during the process of purchasing an apartment or land or independent house or industrial or profitable property in India.

The legal title is one of the major factors determining the title and thus the value of a property. Hence, a property with Defective title of ownership could lead to unnecessary legal entangles which will result in diminishing/ low value over the property.

Obtaining a property legal opinion from a knowledgeable lawyer provides you confidence and peace of mind before purchasing the property.

During this process the title deeds of the said property, encumbrance certificate and other necessary documents are verified for past several years and the opinion is given to the client. We have limited the time period for up to 20 years back from the present year to trace back the proper title.

Obtain Legal Opinion