Motor Claims

Insurance of vehicle is a mandatory requirement in most states in India. It is a legal contract between the Vehicle Owner and the insurance contributor where the Owner of the Vehicle agree to pay a monthly/annual premium and, in exchange, the insurance company is to be in an agreement to cover the losses that accrues to the Vehicle and also to third parties who sustain injuries in lieu of the accident so long as they’re covered by your insurance policy. Under the third party insurance clause, any person who sustains an injury or fatal accidents are eligible to get compensation from the Vehicle Owner and the Insurance Company which covers the vehicle involved in the accident.

It may appear like one can handle the insurance compensation cases by dealing with  insurance company and its representatives on their own, but what the common man do not know is how to compute the compensation and loss of damage, suffering and computation of permanent/partial disability accrued to the victim of the accident.  Here the advocate would be able to effectively compute the above aspect and ensure that you get the adequate and appropriate compensation. 

  • Insurance by legal approach covers
  • Collision coverage
  • Liability coverage
  • Unissued or under issued motor coverage
  • Personal injury or medical payments coverage
  • Disputes regarding insurance costs
  • Violation of contract by any one of the party
  • Management of Insurance frauds
  • Insurance companies denial incase of accident

With our legal representation, you can receive the compensation you rightfully deserve from insurance providers and we help you understand your rights.

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